Artemis Marguerite Pana
MSc in Sustainable Rural Developmen

My last foray into academia featured frequent episodes of hiding under a duvet, deadline looming, promising myself that I would never put myself through the same thing again. Fast forward fifteen years and with a newborn baby I embarked on the MSc in Sustainable Rural Development, wondering whether I was being slightly over-ambitious. To my delight I have found it to be a brilliant reintroduction to academic study; a thoroughly engaging and relevant course with lots of interesting topics to get my teeth into. The flexibility of distance learning also suits me down to the ground.

I divide my time between the Isle of Raasay and Edinburgh while my work takes me all over the Highlands and Islands. On my travels I have met many inspiring and vocal people, practitioners and academics who are driving forward the 'rural' agenda and campaigning for better resourcing and an equal voice in government policy. My hope was that the MSc would broaden my understanding of the issues and that the learning would be directly applicable to my work and volunteering. It is certainly fulfilling this expectation. If rural development matters to you and distance learning fits your lifestyle, I highly recommend it!

What can I study?

 Lews Castle College tries constantly to draw attention to the range of opportunities for study both in and from the Outer Hebrides.  Here are some of the recent information releases drawing attention to the courses and choices which students can experience.