Ben Smart
Health Social and Child Studies Level 5 and 6

I am a 24-year-old father of one and currently about to enter my 3rd year of studying at Lews Castle College UHI.

I came to college at the age of 22 having left school with no qualifications. I started the Health Social and Child Studies Level 5 course. This gave me a very secure grounding to progress to the Health Social and Child Studies Level 6 course. This course allowed me to extend my knowledge while tutors guided me through my education encouraging research of material relating to the fields we studied.

I would recommend doing these courses to anyone wanting a job in any field of social care. I am currently about to start an HNC in Childhood Practice in September and I have no doubt that I would have been unable to do this without the expert teaching and guidance of my tutors.

In the future, I intend doing a degree in social work and eventually become a child and youth care worker within residential units.

What can I study?

 Lews Castle College tries constantly to draw attention to the range of opportunities for study both in and from the Outer Hebrides.  Here are some of the recent information releases drawing attention to the courses and choices which students can experience.