Depth of learning…
Whether you’re a school leaver in the Outer Hebrides looking for the next step in your education, or a graduate from further afield looking to specialize more deeply in your favourite academic subject, Lews Castle College UHI offers courses at levels ranging from National Certificate to PhD level, with everything in between.
Maybe you work offshore and want to top up your professional development: well, we’ve got maritime-focused short courses on personal safety, sea survival, coastal skippers, and more. Maybe you’re interested in setting up your own hair salon, and our National Certificate level courses in Hair and Beauty are the right fit for your professional plans. You can do an HNC in Fashion Design and Production, a Bachelors degree in Computing, a Masters in Music and the Environment, or a PhD in Sustainable Rural Development.
In short, whether you’re interested in engineering or fine art, the chances are that we’ve got a course for you, at the level you’re looking for, here in the Outer Hebrides!"

What can I study?

 Lews Castle College tries constantly to draw attention to the range of opportunities for study both in and from the Outer Hebrides.  Here are some of the recent information releases drawing attention to the courses and choices which students can experience.