Educational Reach

In person and online, our students come to us from all over the world, for our educational expertise, our incredible location, and our experience in online learning.

Those who are local to the islands have a variety of reasons for studying with us: maybe they want to continue their studies close to home; add to their qualifications before moving on to higher education elsewhere; or work on their professional development by learning new skills with us while building their own businesses and careers locally.

Those who come from elsewhere want to do something different with their education and study in a unique location that is regularly listed as one of the happiest places in the UK. Whether relocating from France or Fife, they benefit from cutting-edge teaching and education while enjoying the high quality of life that comes from living in a small community in a beautiful environment.

And for those who moving to the Hebrides isn’t an option (yet!), the appeal is in our educational offerings that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, whether they want to dive into the cutting edge of environmental issues with our Sustainable Development degrees, improve their musical abilities with our world-renowned music courses based in Benbecula, or even get a a taste of the local culture by enrolling in one of our many Gaelic courses.


What can I study?

 Lews Castle College tries constantly to draw attention to the range of opportunities for study both in and from the Outer Hebrides.  Here are some of the recent information releases drawing attention to the courses and choices which students can experience.